Photography and videography of real estate on the island of Crete

Capturing the essence of extraordinary living spaces, i specialize in immortalizing the allure and grandeur of villas and apartments across the picturesque landscapes of Crete. My lens is your gateway to presenting properties in their most captivating light.  I will take aerial photos and videos of your real estate using a drone, I’ll take photos and videos with my mirrorless full-frame camera and 360 virtual tour with a 360° camera.


Vivid Interiors, Breathtaking Exteriors:
Step inside and experience a visual narrative that showcases the seamless blend of design, functionality, and ambiance. Every corner, every detail meticulously captured to unveil the soul of your interior spaces. Our mastery extends beyond walls to embrace the natural beauty surrounding your property, revealing the harmony between architecture and the breathtaking vistas of Crete's landscapes.

Price for a photo and video shoot (camera+drone)


Apartment (up to 150 m■) - 150€ ( ~15 photos + 1 min video)

just photo - 100€


Villa - 300€ ( ~25 photos + 2 min video)

just photo - 200€



+Virtual 360 tour - 100€

+ add 1 photo = 10€

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Immersive Videos that Tell Stories:
Beyond static images, videos breathe life into your property, narrating a story that potential buyers or renters yearn to be a part of. My videos create an immersive experience that transcends mere visual representation.


Tailored Excellence for Every Client:
Understanding the unique personality of each property, we tailor our services to elevate its distinctive features. Whether it's accentuating the Mediterranean charm of a villa or highlighting the modern elegance of an apartment, our goal is to encapsulate the essence that makes your property an irresistible prospect.


Unmatched Quality and Professionalism:
Equipped with cutting-edge photography and videography equipment, coupled with years of experience, we deliver unparalleled quality and professionalism. Our commitment is not just to take pictures or videos but to craft visual narratives that resonate and inspire.


Elevate your property's presence and allure with visuals that captivate, engage, and linger in the minds of prospective buyers or renters. Let us bring out the true beauty and potential of your property here on the magnificent island of Crete.


Contact us today to transform your property into an irresistible masterpiece through our lens!